The Valuation Best Practice Specifications Guidelines (VBPSG) (DOCX, 3.4 MB) is a legislated requirement. The document provides a framework to assist valuation authorities prepare for and conduct revaluations. It provides templates and information about

  • the deliverables and stages required for certification
  • improving the quality of valuations and property databases
  • audit procedures and legislative requirements
  • the roles, responsibilities and relationship between the council, the valuer and Valuer-General Victoria.

The 2019 Valuation Best Practice Specifications Guidelines (VBPSG) is the first since changes to the Valuation of Land Act 1960, which made the Valuer-General responsible for all statutory valuations in Victoria and increased the frequency of revaluations from biennial to annual.

The guidelines are reviewed after each revaluation and amended (if required) after consultation with councils and valuation industry groups.

Supplementary valuations and objections for the 2018 revaluation continue to be guided by the principles contained in the 2018 VBPSG and should be used by valuation authorities, councils and valuers for the remainder of the 2018 general valuation cycle.

Who's Who in 2019 lists the respective valuers for all municipalities in Victoria.

Page last updated: 27/08/19