If you disagree with the value of your property, as listed on your rate notice, you can lodge an objection with your council.

Generally the objection must be in writing and directed to the council within two months of council giving the rate notice. It should state the value of your property and the grounds on which you are objecting.

For more information about lodging an objection, contact your local council

You can also refer to the following sections of the Valuation of Land Act 1960:

  • Who can object – Section 16
  • Grounds for objection – Section 17
  • Time within which you must lodge an objection with the council – Section 18B
  • How objections are dealt with – Section 21(2)
  • The appeals process – Section 22.

To view the Act online go to Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents and select Victorian Law Today and enter the name of the Act.

Objection Forms

Pro-forma objection forms should be sourced from your local council. However, if this is not possible, please use the following Valuer-General Victoria generic versions.

The completion of the objection pro-forma provided will ensure compliance with the Valuation of Land Act 1960 and will also assist in discussions with the council valuer to quickly identify areas of contention. Please post or deliver your completed objection form(s) and attachments to the local council issuing the notice.

Objection form Residential

Objection form Rural

Objection form Commercial/Industrial

Page last updated: 28/10/19