The Acts and regulations listed below are most relevant to surveyors.

The list, however, is not exhaustive and you should search Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents for consolidated principal Acts and Statutory Rules that operate in Victoria.

To view one of the following Acts, select Victorian Law Today and enter the name:

  • Planning and Environment Act 1987
  • Property Law Act 1958
  • Subdivision Act 1988
  • Subdivision (Procedures) Regulations 2011
  • Subdivision (Body Corporate) Regulations 2004
  • Subdivision (Registrar's Requirements) Regulations 2011
  • Surveying Act 2004
  • Surveying (Cadastral Surveys) Regulations 2005
  • Survey Co-ordination Act 1958
  • Survey Co-ordination Regulations Act 2004
  • Transfer of Land Act 1958.

History of surveying in Victoria

Surveying in Victoria dates back to the 1803 survey of Port Phillip by Charles Grimes.

This was followed by the appointment of the state's first Surveyor-General Robert Hoddle, who created the city grid of Melbourne's long wide streets in 1837.

Land surveying law and administration Part 3 Section 2

Part of the Survey Practice Handbook was compiled using information from Public Record Office Victoria.

It covers the Surveyor-General's Department 1836–1851, Government Administration 1851–1855, Ministerial Responsibilities and Department of Crown Lands and Survey 1857–1983 and the New South Wales-Victoria border – surveying the Black-Allan line.

The paper provides a history of the Black-Allan line, the straight-line boundary between New South Wales and Victoria that runs from Cape Howe on the east coast to the nearest source of the Murray River. It highlights the journey of surveyors Alexander Black and Alexander Allan.

Surveying the Black-Allan Line (PDF, 558.4 KB)

Robert Hoddle, Victoria's first Surveyor-General

Victoria's first Surveyor-General was Robert Hoddle, who was appointed when the state separated from the colony of New South Wales in 1850.

Robert Hoddle SGV 1851-1853 (PDF, 1.1 MB)

For more information on Robert Hoddle, the publication Robert Hoddle: pioneer surveyor 1794-1881 by Berres Hoddle Colville is available at the State Library of Victoria.

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