Surveyor-General Victoria (SGV)

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SGV is the government's authority on land surveying and property boundaries. It is responsible for:

  • providing and maintaining land surveying infrastructure
  • providing land surveying and drafting services for government agencies
  • managing the land surveying component of major government projects
  • providing technical advice and guidelines for land surveying
  • monitoring the standard of surveys lodged with Land Use Victoria.

Strategic Plan

An innovation-themed strategy which underpins key initiatives and projects.

Surveyor-General Victoria Strategic plan 2020-2025

What surveyors do

Surveyors mark land boundaries – the lines that run between properties. They confirm existing boundaries, create new ones when land is subdivided or a development is being planned and provide advice on boundary issues.

Land surveyors use equipment such as levels, electronic theodolites, tapes and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) units to measure land and define boundaries.

Once they have surveyed a property, they draw up a plan for their client. If necessary, they lodge the plan with Land Use Victoria.

The boundaries registered by land surveyors are recorded in the state's land information system.

The government's system includes the boundaries of privately owned and government land, survey plans, survey field records, ownership information, easements and other land information.

Find a licensed surveyor

If you need a survey of your property's boundaries, you should contact one of Victoria's registered surveyors. You can find a list of licensed surveyors by accessing the Register of Licensed Surveyors

Licensed surveyors are registered by the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria (SRBV)

The SRBV is a statutory body responsible for establishing and maintaining the competency and educational standards for licensed surveyors, maintaining a register of licensed surveyors and managing disciplinary procedures.

A licensed surveyor is the only person legally entitled to undertake a survey to mark the boundaries of your property. A licensed surveyor will define your land boundaries and upon request should provide a certified plan that confirms the work has been completed correctly.

Cadastral plans or surveys prepared by non-licensed surveyors do not have legal standing and will not be recognised as evidence in the event of a boundary dispute.

Non-licensed surveyors tend to specialise in one or more areas of surveying including engineering, mapping or hydrology. Licensed surveyors may also practise in these aspects of surveying as well as land use, development and administration.

Government surveying services

The Surveyor-General Victoria only provides land surveying services for government agencies.

These include:

  • managing contracts to consultant licensed surveyors for government and providing advice on surveying matters for government land dealings.
  • surveys for government agencies – SGV manages the survey components of major government projects for many government departments and agencies. SGV only provides land surveying services for government agencies - If you need a survey of your property, you should contact one of Victoria's licensed surveyors.

Crown land status reports

Crown land status reports are an authoritative opinion on the status of freehold land and boundaries, plus land adjoining or affecting Crown land. You can access this information at Landata

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