Instructions for down loading GDAit off the web.

The following gives a step by step approach to downloading and then installing GDAit onto your PC.  GDAit is only available for 32 bit operating systems, such as Windows 95/NT.

GDAit Version 2.02 - 32 bit (WIN 95/NT).

  1. Download the setupex.exe file from the GDA94 Useful tools site, by clicking on the highlighted text "setup.exe".  This file is a self-extracting archived file.
  2. Once the file is downloaded to your computer, Double click the setupex.exe in Exploring or File Manager to run the program.  This will automatically install the program onto your computer via a setup installation.  The setup requires the user to answer some prompts, which include the specification of the directory GDAit it is to be installed in.
  3. Note that a grid file will need to be specified to enable the software to function.  If you have already installed an older version of GDAit, you will need to manually IMPORT GRID FILE under the FILE menu.  This procedure is recommended anyway so that you are confident that the latest avaiable file is loaded for use.  The grid file version can be confirmed by viewing the "GDAit.ini" file located in your Windows system directory.  If you are installing GDAit for the first time then the setup installation will ask you to specify a grid file, and you can simply select the latest available from the Useful Tools site.

Page last updated: 16/07/18