The update history column in each section of the handbook indicates the most recent review date. Many sections of the Survey Practice Handbook are now out of date and can no longer be considered authoritative.

Please refer to the current Surveyor-General of Victoria Practice Directives and relevant legislation for authoritative direction on surveying standards, surveying procedures and the responsibilities of surveyors.

The Survey Practice Handbook provides guidance for cadastral surveying in Victoria. It includes information on legislation and survey practice and is intended to improve the quality and compatibility of survey procedures and practice that ensure the integrity of Victoria's cadastral system.

The Survey Practice Handbook is available on the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

The handbook was compiled by the former Surveyors Board of Victoria in collaboration with the Institution of Surveyors Victoria to provide practice guidelines and standards for plan preparation and survey procedures, law and administration website.

First Published in 1984
Reprinted with minor amendments 1989
Revised 1997
Published online with minor amendments 2003
Part II, Section 12 Surveying Using GPS minor amendments 2006
Only available online.

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