From time-to-time licensed surveyors are required to prepare Original Plans (OP) and/or Title Plans (TP) for Crown Grant purposes for certification by the Surveyor-General.

Licensed surveyors are required by Regulation 14 of the Surveying (Cadastral Surveys) Regulations 2015 to certify the plan and must certify the plan in accordance with either Schedule 2 or Schedule 3 of the regulations.

Original plans and title plans must be prepared in a standard manner and can be lodged with the Surveyor-General Victoria through SPEAR.

The Surveyor-General provides the following templates for licensed surveyors to use in the production, preparation and lodgement of original plans and title plans in SPEAR.

Note: Arial font is used in each template. Liscad users will need to import Arial font before opening the template.

The files listed below comprise electronic formats and software commonly used by the industry. The list is not intended to be exhaustive or indicate a preference.

Surveyors may use any software to produce Original Plans and Title Plans.

Original Plans (ZIP, 364.5 KB)

Title Plans for Crown Grants (ZIP, 228.3 KB)

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