Victoria’s Surveyor-General is Craig Sandy. 

Roles and responsibilities for the Surveyor-General are prescribed under a diverse range of Acts and regulations of Parliament.

The role of the Surveyor-General includes responsibilities for Victoria's:

  • land surveying
  • protection of the cadastre
  • land administration
  • positioning (geodetic) infrastructure
  • geographic place names
  • electoral system
  • leadership of the profession.

The Surveyor-General plays a key governance role in Victoria and is:

  • the statutory authority on land surveying and cadastral boundaries
  • the Registrar of Geographic Names in Victoria (visit VICNAMES)
  • chair of the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria
  • a Commissioner for Electoral Boundaries in Victoria
  • a member of the Federal Redistribution Committee for Victoria
  • a State Verifying Authority for the measurement of length
  • responsible for registering survey plans in the Central Plan Office
  • leading the Office of Surveyor-General Victoria and its contribution to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and  Planning's (DELWP) corporate mission, product and service delivery charter.

The Surveyor-General is also responsible for:

  • providing high-level advice to the Minister and DELWP on statutory and policy matters relating to land surveying, the positioning system and the cadastre
  • determining and approving Crown (government) land boundaries and alignments
  • coordinating land surveying activities within Victoria to ensure that appropriate standards are maintained by state authorities
  • maintaining Victoria's positioning system and infrastructure
  • setting standards of measurement
  • monitoring licensed surveyors’ compliance with regulations and standards to ensure adequate maintenance of the cadastral boundaries that form the basis of land ownership in Victoria
  • publishing surveying practice directions in relation to standards of measurement, surveying and marking through the Surveyor-General of Victoria Practice Directives and relevant sections of the Survey Practice Handbook.

Further information

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