There are many dealings lodged at Land Use Victoria each month. A dealing is the term used to describe property transactions. The main types of dealings are transfers, mortgages and discharges of mortgage. They comprise around 90 per cent of dealings lodged with Land Use Victoria and are a trailing indicator of property market activity.

These statistics are presented as both graphs and tables. The graphs show the number and type of the most common documents lodged over a 13 month period and include total lodgements, transfers, mortgages, discharges of mortgage and plans of subdivision lodged, as well as the total number of title searches conducted during the reporting period. The tables provide data from January 2004 to date.

At the end of each financial year Land Use Victoria also produces a business activity report, which contains yearly figures for lodgements, searches, Water Register activity, lodgements by dealing type, electronic conveyancing activity, plans of subdivision and new lots created.

2015-2016 Business Activity Report

Land Registration Services Business Activity Report 2015-2016 (DOCX, 1.3 MB)


Total lodgements to 31 December 2016.

The most common lodgements include mortgages and discharges of mortgage, changing title details, changing property boundaries, subdividing or consolidating titles, caveats, covenants, easements and replacing lost or destroyed titles.

Chart displaying lodegements by month for the year of 2016

Monthly Lodgements December 2016 (DOC, 75.5 KB)


Total number of transfers lodged to 31 December 2016.

A transfer is a change of ownership usually as a result of a property sale.

Monthly transfers lodged for 2016

Monthly Transfers December 2016 (DOC, 76.5 KB)


Total number of mortgages lodged to 31 December 2016.

A mortgage is a record of the financial arrangements between the purchaser and the lender and usually enables the purchase of property. Mortgages associated with refinancing activities are a component of these figures.

Monthly Mortgages December 2016 (DOC, 78.5 KB)

Discharges of Mortgage

Total number of discharges of mortgage lodged to 31 December 2016.

A mortgage is discharged when the loan on a property has been fully paid.

Graph of discharges of mortgages for each month of 2016

Monthly Discharges of Mortgage December 2016 (DOC, 76.0 KB)

Plans of Subdivision

Total number of plans of subdivision lodged to 31 December 2016.

Subdividing means dividing land into two or more parts that can be sold separately.

Graph of plans of subdivision for each month of 2016

Monthly Plans of Subdivision December 2016 (DOC, 75.0 KB)

Title Searches

Total number of title searches to 31 December 2016. Title searches are a common activity and are usually conducted to ascertain the current registered proprietors, a description of the land on the title, any encumbrances (e.g. caveats and mortgages) as well as property or title boundaries.

Graph of title searches for the months throughout 2016

Monthly Title Searches December 2016 Publication (DOC, 75.5 KB)