Plans of subdivision

A plan of subdivision allows an applicant to divide land into two or more new parcels of land that can be disposed of separately.

The only new parcels that can be created by a plan of subdivision are lots, roads, reserves or common property.

All new plans of subdivision lodged with Land Use Victoria are lodged under Section 22 of the Subdivision Act 1988 As part of the subdivision process a plan may create restrictions, owners corporations and any easements (including implied easements under section 12(2) of the Subdivision Act 1988) necessary to make a development functional.

A plan of subdivision may also remove or vary restrictions and easements (created in an earlier plan of subdivision), with a planning permit under Section 23 of the Subdivision Act 1988.

Regulation 8 of the Subdivision (Registrar's Requirements) Regulations 2011 outlines the information that must be on plans of subdivision lodged at Land Use Victoria.

Useful links and information

Registration processing time


Building subdivision guidelines (DOC, 1.2 MB)

Acceptable easement purposes (DOC, 735.5 KB)

Interpreting strata plans (PDF, 589.0 KB)

Consents for Subdivision Act Plans (DOC, 184.0 KB)

What is NICO? (DOCX, 164.5 KB)

Licensed surveyor's report template (DOCX, 69.1 KB)

Non-survey guidelines (DOCX, 159.6 KB) - for plans signed up to 30 June 2016

Survey documents required when lodging a plan of subdivision or consolidation (DOCX, 103.3 KB) - for plans signed from 1 July 2016

Common terms

The following is a list of terms used in relation to plans of subdivision:

  • PS – Plan of Subdivision
  • LP – Lodged Plan
  • RP – Registered Plan
  • SP – Strata Plan
  • CS – Cluster Subdivision
  • PC – Plan of Consolidation
  • CP – Plan of Consolidation

Plans of consolidation

A plan of consolidation allows an applicant to consolidate two or more parcels of land into one marketable parcel. Only one new parcel can be created by a plan of consolidation.

All new plans of consolidation lodged with Land Use Victoria are lodged under Section 22 of the Subdivision Act 1988.

As part of the consolidation process a plan may create, remove and vary restrictions and easements created in earlier plans or dissolve an owners corporation.

The plan can also deal with land that has a reserve status under Section 24A of the Subdivision Act 1988.

Regulation 8 of the Subdivision (Registrar's Requirements) Regulations 2011 outlines information that must be on plans of consolidation lodged at Land Use Victoria.

Plans of subdivision examples

Example 1 - Re-subdividing a unit on a strata plan (existing common property not affected) (DOC, 605.0 KB)
Example 2 - Plan of subdivision with overlapping easements (DOC, 511.0 KB)
Example 3 - Section 32A of Subdivision Act 1988 (DOCX, 135.3 KB)
Example 4 - Section 32B of Subdivision Act 1988 (DOCX, 143.2 KB)
Example 5 - Building Subdivision (land unlimited in height and depth) (DOCX, 162.8 KB)
Example 6 - Building Subdivision with cross section (DOCX, 200.2 KB)
Example 7 - Re-subdividing a unit and part of common property on a strata plan (DOCX, 169.3 KB)
Example 8 - Staged plans of subdivision (DOCX, 360.5 KB)
Example 9 - Section 35 Subdivision Act 1988 (Acquisition Plans) (DOC, 483.0 KB)
Example 10 - Multi storey building subdivision (DOC, 964.5 KB)