A caveat is a document that any person with a legal interest in a property can lodge at Land Use Victoria. After recording, a caveat note appears on the title giving anyone with interest notice that a third party claims rights over the property.

See Forms, guides and fees.

Caveats can also be lodged and withdrawn online through PEXA (Property Exchange Australia Ltd). To lodge a caveat online you will need to engage a lawyer or licensed conveyancer who is a PEXA subscriber.

To find a lawyer or conveyancer who is a subscriber, visit PEXA

To keep track of activity on a land title you can subscribe to the Property Transaction Alert Service provided by LANDATA


A covenant is a written agreement between the seller and purchaser of a piece of land restricting what the land can be used for. For example, restricting the type of building material the purchaser can use.


An easement is a right held by someone to use land belonging to someone else for a specific purpose. Common examples of easements are drainage, sewerage and carriageway easements.

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