Coordinating policy and advice for government land

The State Government is responsible for 40 per cent of Victoria’s land, with more than 100 different agencies managing it.   

A key role for Land Use Victoria is to provide quality information and advice about the best use of government land. We also support planning for future government land requirements in priority precincts or areas identified as a focus for future development.

Single point of information about government land

We are developing a whole-of-government land use policy and an online platform that will be a one-stop shop for information about government land.

Land Use Victoria will manage the ‘first right of refusal’ process for surplus land in accordance with the Victorian Government Land Holding Policy and Guidelines.

Making it easy to access government land information online

Bringing together data from many agencies will unlock the value of government land information for the benefit of all Victorians.

Government land information service

Work is underway to develop an easy-to-use online tool showing all government land. This will be enhanced over time to become a one-stop shop for information about government-owned land.

Better government land use to respond to future housing needs

Land Use Victoria supports better use of government land to increase the supply of social and affordable housing as outlined in the recently released Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 We also contribute to the Homes for Victorians strategy by identifying sites for an inclusionary housing pilot on government-owned land.