Lodging at Land Use Victoria

Land Use Victoria provides forms for property transactions for use by land owners, interest holders, lawyers, conveyancers, financial institutions and developers. It is highly recommended anyone wishing to transact on land or water seek professional advice.

Electronic Lodgment - Most land transactions lodged by lawyers, conveyancers, authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) and other subscribers to an Electronic Lodgment Network (ELN) must be done using an ELN. See Land use Victoria's Electronic Lodgment webpage for more information.


All land transactions must meet the Registrar's Requirements for Paper Conveyancing Transactions published at www.propertyandlandtitles.vic.gov.au/publications.

Before filling any form it is recommended that you follow the instructions in the associated guide which can be viewed by clicking the arrow under the description of the relevant form.  It is highly recommended anyone wishing to transact on land or water seek professional advice.

Verification of identity is required for property transactions - see 'Verification of identity' below for more information. 

Client Authorisation is required by all practitioners representing clients in property transactions - see 'Client Authorisation' below for more information.

All forms must be printed single sided in black on A4 white 80 gsm paper.

If completing a Land Use Victoria form by hand, information should be legibly written in black or blue ink. The use of correction fluid or self-correcting typewriter ribbon is not permitted.

Please use this Annexure Page (PDF, 1.3 MB) if there is insufficient space on the form to provide all information.

Lodging summary form

The Lodging Summary Form contains an itemised summation of the documents that are supplied to Land Registry. The form is required to support a bulk lodgment. When a lodgment has been processed, the form is returned to the customer with a lodgment receipt to facilitate the customer's reconciliation.

Lodging Summary Form (PDF, 931.7 KB)

Mail lodgment

Mail lodgments are accepted from non-regular customers only. Regular customers must lodge in person or through a lodging agent. For a lodgment submitted by mail, Visa or MasterCard credit card is the only acceptable payment method. The customer must provide a daytime phone number on the document(s) to be lodged and/or in a covering letter.

A Land Use Victoria representative will call the customer after lodgment of the dealing(s) to process an EFTPOS credit card payment. Payment will be confirmed by phone and no written record will be retained of the card used in the transaction.  A receipt will be sent by mail.

Payment options

Payment options vary depending on whether a customer is a regular customer (one with a Victorian Online Title System customer lodgment code) or a non-regular customer (one without a customer lodgment code).

From regular customers, Land Use Victoria accepts cash, direct debit, bank cheques, lawyers and conveyancers trust or office account cheques, and Visa or MasterCard debit or credit cards.

We do not accept third party or personal cheques, or money orders.  From non-regular customers, we accept cash and Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards. We do not accept cheques of any description or money orders from non-regular customers.

Use only a desktop computer (not a mobile device or tablet).

Land Use Victoria forms use Adobe software to perform actions within the form.  Some browsers and operating systems may have settings which restrict a user to automatically open the form.  However, there are steps a user can take to access the form, these are detailed below:

Browsing in: Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge
  1. ‘Right click’ on the Open Form button and save the form onto your computer. Depending on your browser setting the save as function may be labelled ‘Save link as’.
  2. Using 'Windows Explorer', ‘File search’ or ‘Finder’, locate the form saved on your computer and ‘Right click’ and select ‘Open file with’ > Adobe Reader.  
  3. Operating a Mac? To ‘Right click’ - press and hold the 'control' button as you click the item

    Do not attempt to open the form from the browser.  After downloading the form it may be visible in the bottom left corner of the browser - follow step 2 and find and open the downloaded form on your computer.

Verification of identity

Conveyancers, lawyers or mortgagees

If you are a conveyancer, lawyer or mortgagee, the following guides explain the Registrar's verification of identity requirements for all paper conveyancing transactions.

Guide to verification of identity for conveyancers, lawyers and mortgagees conducting paper conveyancing transactions (DOCX, 2.0 MB)

Guide to conveyancers and lawyers when dealing with people who are not represented (DOCX, 89.3 KB)

People not using a conveyancer or lawyer

If you are not represented by a conveyancer or lawyer, and are required to sign a conveyancing document (Registry Instrument), carefully read the guide below and then complete the Australia Post form below. Only this form can be used. When completed, it should be taken to an Australia Post Land Title ID Check express service post office only that provides verification of identity services for Land Use Victoria.

Detailed information about completing the form and locating Australia Post Land Title ID Check express service post offices is in the guide.

Guide to verification of identity for people not using a conveyancer or lawyer (DOCX, 1.9 MB)

Australia Post form: Non-represented party (Victoria only) Land Title verification of identity form (Land Title ID Check express service post offices only)

Client Authorisation

A Client Authorisation will authorise a Client's Representative (i.e. conveyancer or lawyer) to act as their client’s agent and to sign paper conveyancing transactions on their client’s behalf.  Client Representative's will be required to sign land transactions when they have a Client Authorisation in place.

The Client Authorisation form may be accessed via the ARNECC website.

Residual documents

Page last updated: 15/10/19