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In accordance with the Monetary Units Act 2004 Land Use Victoria lodgement fees, expressed in number of fee units, change on 1 July each year.

Search fees and other Land Use Victoria charges are also adjusted.

Registrar-General's Office lodgement fees no longer apply as most functions are now with the Commonwealth's Personal Property Securities Register.

Payment options

Payment options vary depending on whether a customer is a regular customer (one with a Victorian Online Title System customer lodgement code) or a non-regular customer (one without a customer lodgement code).

From regular customers, Land Use Victoria accepts cash, direct debit, bank cheques, lawyers' and conveyancers' trust or office account cheques, and Visa or MasterCard debit or credit cards.

Land Use Victoria does not accept third party or personal cheques, or money orders. From non-regular customers, Land Use Victoria accepts cash and Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards. Land Use Victoria does not accept cheques of any description or money orders from non-regular customers.

Mail lodgement

Mail lodgements are accepted from non-regular customers only. Regular customers must lodge personally or through a lodging agent. For a lodgement submitted by mail, Visa or MasterCard credit card is the only acceptable payment method.

The customer must provide a daytime phone number on the document(s) to be lodged and/or the daytime phone number in a covering letter. A Land Use Victoria representative will call the customer after lodgement of the dealing(s) to process an EFTPOS credit card payment. Payment will be confirmed over the phone and no written record will be retained of the card used in the transaction. A receipt will be sent by mail.

Why choose direct debit?

Simple and convenient - no more waiting in queues or posting cheques. Just complete the form once and you will conveniently take care of all future payments.

Saves you money - no cheque or postage charges.

How does it work?

A direct debit will be processed against your nominated bank account to the value of transactions lodged at Land Use Victoria on that day.

Because your transaction amount may vary each month, direct debit will enable you to easily pay your account without having to make adjustments at your bank.

What to do

Complete Land Use Victoria's direct debit request form.

Ensure that when completing your account details you check against a recent statement from your financial institution.

If you're uncertain how to complete the form please check with your financial institution.

Return your completed direct debit request form by mail to:

Land Use Victoria
PO BOX 527
Melbourne VIC 3001

or by Land Use Victoria's Document Exchange service:


Should you require further information, please contact us.

Direct debit

Customers with a Victorian Online Title System (VOTS) Customer Code may elect to pay Land Use Victoria lodgement fees by direct debit.

If you wish to pay lodgement fees by direct debit you will be required to complete a standard direct debit request form and provide your ABN/ACN number.

Direct debit request form

Page last updated: 27/08/19