Land Registry transactions available for electronic lodgment


Lodging requirements

Information on the legislative and lodging requirements for all transactions (electronic or paper) are still stored under the relevant Act at Forms, Fee and Guides page .

Other information

Regulatory framework

Common terms


Australian Registrars' National Electronic Conveyancing Council


The Subscriber providing the certifications.


Statements made by a Certifier that they have undertaken a specific action.


A Person who has, or Persons who have, appointed an Australian Legal Practitioner, a Law Practice or a Licensed Conveyancer as their Representative.

Client authorisation

A document by which a party to a conveyancing transaction authorises a subscriber to complete a conveyancing transaction electronically.

Conveyancing transaction

A transaction that involves one or more parties and the purpose of which is:

(a) to create, transfer, dispose of, mortgage, charge, lease or deal with in any other way an estate or interest in land, or

(b) to get something registered, noted or recorded in the titles register, or

(c) to get the registration, note or record of something in the titles register changed, withdrawn or removed.


Electronic Certificate of Title


The use of an ELN to lodge an Instrument with the Land Registry.


Electronic Conveyancing National Law


Electronic Lodgment Network


Electronic Lodgment Network Operator


A statutory instrument which forms part of a conveyancing transaction e.g. Transfer of land.

Land Registry

The office of the Registrar of Titles.

Registrar’s requirements

The Registrar of Titles determines requirements for paper transactions. The Requirements also include direction as to what Instrument types must be lodged in an ELN.

Residual documents

Generic Instrument types to be lodged in an ELN and categorised as one of the following: change proprietorship, record an instrument, vary an instrument, remove an instrument or request an action by the Registrar.


A person who is authorised under a participation agreement to use an ELN to complete conveyancing transactions on behalf of another person or on their own behalf.


Verification of identity - reasonable steps to verify the identity of a client.

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