Current mandate for using an Electronic Lodgment Network (ELN)

A summarised description of mandated use of an ELN can be found here .

Become an Electronic Lodgment Network (ELN) Subscriber

To lodge electronically you must first become an ELN Subscriber. To begin the process of becoming an ELN Subscriber, applicants must become familiar with and satisfy the eligibility requirements of the Participation Rules and then make contact with an Electronic Lodgment Network Operator (ELNO). The ELNO will take an applicant through the stages and requirements of becoming an ELN Subscriber.

Please note: Becoming an ELN Subscriber can take several weeks as there are a number of stages.  Depending on the network,  there may be additional requirements such as registering for other systems, for example the State Revenue Office’s Duties Online (DOL). Applicants may also be required to set up and install Digital Certificate(s) for each ELN.

Lodging in an ELN

Once approved to use an ELN a Subscriber can prepare a transaction for lodgment to the Land Registry.  The ELNO will guide the Subscriber in making the transaction acceptable to the Registry. Subscribers are reminded the legislative requirements for an e-lodgment are the same as those for a transaction in paper. Subscribers must ensure their lodgment case contains all the required information and documentation and certify the accuracy of data. The transaction must be digitally signed by a Subscriber entitled to sign e-lodgments.

What happens when the transaction is lodged electronically?

Before the transaction is lodged, data is checked with the Victorian Online Title System (VOTS) to ensure it is valid and complete. The validation checks have been determined by the Registrar and give the Subscriber some certainty.  If pre-lodgment validation fails, the Subscriber receives notification as to why.  

When lodgment passes validation, and the case passes all electronic examination processes, the transaction may be Registered. The requirement for the Land Registry to examine transactions has not changed. Where technically possible, Land Use Victoria has constructed common examination processes in VOTS to streamline the process and provide efficient registration.  

Following registration of the transaction a new certificate of title is produced and a Registration Confirmation Statement issued to the lodging party.

Lodgment fees

Fees for electronic transactions are provided in the relevant Fee Guide.

Page last updated: 10/07/20