What is an ELN and ELNO

Electronic Lodgment Network Operators (ELNOs) provide an Electronic Lodgment Network (ELN).  An ELN is a digital platform for Subscribers to collaborate on the preparation of registry instruments, the settlement of funds and the lodgment of Instruments with the Land Registry.  

The Electronic Conveyancing National Law (ECNL) and Model Operating Requirements (MOR) set out the process for a prospective ELNO to apply for approval to operate an ELN. The Australian Registrars National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) coordinates new ELNO applications and each Registrar appoints a representative from their jurisdiction to review and examine prospective ELNOs.  If successful, an Operating Agreement (OA) will be established between the Registrar and the ELNO. The OA incorporates the Registrar’s approval of the ELNO to operate an ELN.

There are currently three ELNs active in Victoria and each allows a Subscriber to lodge certain transactions. ELNOs must comply with the MORs and will be regularly audited by the Registrar.

Property Exchange Australia Ltd (PEXA)

PEXA is an ELNO and was formed in 2010. It provides its Subscribers with an ELN to lodge documents with the Land Registry and complete financial settlements electronically.

PEXA’s online platform allows for automatic lodgment and registration with the Land Registry and pays stamp duty and exchanges loan funds once settlement is reached.  

PEXA’s Subscribers include lawyers, conveyancers, financial institutions, property developers, councils and government agencies.

PEXA is currently active in Victoria and four other jurisdictions.  

Transaction types currently available in the PEXA ELN:

  • Transfers
  • Mortgage / Discharge of mortgage
  • Caveat / Withdrawal of caveat
  • Survivorship
  • Transmissions
  • Priority notice, withdrawal and extension
  • Administrative notices
  • Residual documents
    • Application to record an instrument: e.g. s173 Agreement - Planning & Environment Act
    • Application to request action by the Registrar: e.g.  s31 Replace lost or destroyed title - Transfer of land Act
    • Application to Change Proprietor: e.g.  s68 Transfer mortgaged lease - Transfer of land Act
    • Application to remove an instrument: e.g.  s201UC GAIC Notice - Planning & Environment Act
    • Application to record a variation to an instrument: e.g. s88 Restrictive covenant - Transfer of land Act

Sympli Australia Pty Ltd (Sympli)

Sympli is an ELNO and is currently participating in a soft launch program to provide Subscribers with an ELN to lodge documents with the Land Registry.

Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals (SPEAR)

SPEAR is managed by the Registrar of Titles and was originally designed as an online platform for streamlining the subdivision and planning permit system administered by councils. It allowed surveyors to process and track planning permits and subdivision applications online.  

SPEAR expanded to allow the lodgment of transactions related to plans of subdivision and in 2017 became an ELN under the ECNL. Lodgment to Land Registry Services can occur in SPEAR as soon as the application has been released for lodgment. This occurs when the council has certified the plan and issued a Statement of Compliance (SOC).

SPEAR ELN Subscribers include lawyers, conveyancers, councils, government agencies and property development companies.

Page last updated: 10/07/20