100% e-lodgment transition

To realise the full benefits of e-lodgment the Registrar, in consultation with the property industry, requires certain Instruments to be lodged electronically, with the aim of 100% e-lodgment at the Land Registry.

Current mandate for using an ELN

The latest version of the Registrar’s Requirements for Paper Conveyancing Transactions stipulates that all Instruments available in an ELN from 1 August 2019, must be lodged using an ELN. The requirement is summarised below.

Current mandate

The Registrar will not accept paper lodgment of any transaction that is available in an ELN, except in cases where the transaction(s) cannot be lodged using an ELN for reason(s) set out in the Request to accept paper lodgment form . For further information relating to lodging in paper please go to the relevant Act in the Forms, guides and fees page.

The Registrar has also mandated plan submission in SPEAR from 1 January 2020 (i.e. submission of the plan by the surveyor).  Plan application has not yet been mandated.

Page last updated: 10/07/20